Advertising- Don’t believe everything you see or hear!

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, you will never see an advertisement which will highlight the flaws or defects a product has. Sometimes it actually happens that you arrive at the store and see something completely different from what you expected when you saw the advertisement. Worst cases happen when you order online. Maybe this happened to you, as it has happened to a lot of people who ordered stuff online. Don’t believe? Check the reviews!

I am sure you all saw how good all clothes look and fit on mannequins in stores, especially in stores’ windows. If you have a perfect body, they probably will fit you perfectly also, but not everybody is that lucky. Do you know how everything is so great in the store? Look closely. Many times the staff uses pins or other tricks in order for everything to seem awesome and make you think those will look the same on your body.

The truth is that you can never be sure something will fit you perfectly and also look good until you try it. Sometimes even if it fits, it looks absolutely horrible on you. Yeah, it will be disappointing, but not everything in the market will be for you. Just adapt and find what’s made for people like you.

The same applies to all products, not only clothes or shoes, even to services. Many times you purchase something having high expectations and you end up disappointed and feeling robbed. How can you avoid this? If you are purchasing online, always check the reviews. Most of the times the reviews will give you a chance to see how others reacted, if they were satisfied with the purchase or not.

If you are buying in stores, always check the product as well as you can, to see if it fits your needs. If you cannot check it, ask the staff regarding any concerns you may have. Read carefully any material which comes with the product as soon as possible if you are in doubt.

Regarding the services, always ask what exactly you are receiving in exchange for the money. Don’t ever leave out any concern you may have. You may end up not getting what you expected and maybe you cannot change anything later.

Always research a bit regarding the future purchases if you are not sure it’s the perfect product or service for you. Buy safe!


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