What is marketing?

First of all I want you to look around. What do you own? You have your electronics, you have your clothes, your furniture, your home, your stuff. How did you got to buy them? It’s not that you needed a phone for example, and you just went and bought one, right? You wanted a specific one. Why? Well, that’s because of marketing.

Everything from production until the product is yours is marketing. Hard to believe? Think about it. What determines you to buy? Is it the design, the quality, the performance, the price, or you just saw it in a commercial? Every reason was considered by companies in order to reach you, to make you want their product instead of something else. Don’t think at companies as “the bad guys” for doing it. Some of them want to have sales to survive, while others wish to offer better or different products. How can you know about them if they do not take action?

Through marketing, everyone who offers something reaches the buyers. This sometimes includes surveys in order to find out what people want, designing the product according to the preferences and needs, setting a price for the target group they wish to reach, advertising it and some of them also have after sales services.

The methods are applied both for products and services. Some people believe that services don’t need marketing, or that it is more difficult to apply it. That in not true. Someone is still offering something and that offers value to buyers. Otherwise, they would not purchase it.

In other words, marketing is the reason for all your purchases.


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