Marketing in stores

Have you ever thought about it? Why are the products displayed the way they are? For example, why in every store the chewing gum and quick snacks like chocolate or cereal bars are near the exit? Why promotional items have big and colored price tags?

Stores do everything in order to make the customers buy more. Some companies actually have requirements regarding their products’ location in the store, to be visible and reachable. These are techniques to attract people to buy those specific products, as they are maybe the first they see, or the ones which seem better than the others.

Regarding the chewing gum and quick snacks, most of the people forget they need or want them, and they are reminded when they are in queue to pay.

In all stores promotional items have “eccentric” price tags in order for customers to see them easily. Those are usually the products which must go. Either those are the last ones, or new ones are on their way and they need the space.

In many stores products which go well together are next to each other. For example chips and snacks are next to the drinks, or bread next to the jam/ peanut butter, etc. I actually saw an article in which some employees displayed chocolate next to the feminine intimate products. If you think about it, you are more likely to buy two or more different products which go well together if you see them next to each other.

Also, look at the products’ packaging. You can see all kinds. You can actually see the difference in packaging used by low costs companies compared to others. A lot of producers will invest pretty much time and money in the quality and appearance of packaging in order for customers to be attracted and tempted to buy the products. Do you ever think about it? Everything has been carefully analyzed before the products have reached the shelves.

Next time you go to a store or supermarket, try to open your eyes and observe a bit. You will see then what I mean.


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