Everybody needs marketing- Even you!

Why would you need marketing? Let me explain. In everyday life, if you are searching for a job for example, you practically need to sell yourself. How? Think about yourself as if you were a product. What can you do? How can you bring value to the customer (employer)? How are you better than others for the position?

You need to advertise all your qualities and your strengths and you need to stand out in the crowd! Even if let’s say you don’t possess all the knowledge or skills required, you need to show them your best side, let them know that you are willing to learn, to improve yourself, to be better. Practically, you need to brag about yourself as much as possible in order for the employer to choose you. And why shouldn’t he? You are awesome!

Not searching for a job? Ok, how about relationships? How you make the person you like to like you back? You share your qualities, right? You share your passions, everything that can make you attractive in his/ her eyes, you do things in order to bring them closer. You know what you are doing? You are marketing yourself.

If you are not interested in relationships either, think about socializing. When you first meet someone, you don’t start with your flaws or problems. If you are interested in a longer conversation with that person, you will start with a general subject maybe, or something you are proud to share. You will never start with anything bad about yourself if you want to reach friendship. Some people may be thinking that by sharing all their sides, including the bad ones, they are honest, and they prefer to do that, but most of the people will show those sides after some time, after knowing the person better.

This applies to yourself and also to products and services. Have you ever seen an advertisement about a product specifying any flaws?


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